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Addiction Ink has established itself as a venue where our tattoo artists are encouraged to convey their passion for creating superior and innovative body art, while consistently delivering quality customer service. The process includes a custom-made sketch before every tattoo, whether the piece is inspired by our extensive flash library or specifically selected prior to the consultation. Our artists are well-versed in a variety of styles and techniques that demonstrate the expansive breadth of their knowledge and talent, including: traditional; Japanese; tribal; portraiture; bold colors; intricate detail work involving black & grey, shading; etc.

The tattoo artists we have selected to represent Addiction Ink are all licensed by New York State and have received a blood borne pathogens certificate upon completing the required coursework. The shop is maintained under the most sanitary conditions to reflect our concern for the safety of our clients and artists alike.

We also provide a wide array of piercing services, which range from the common (ears; nostril; navel; tongue; etc.) to the more complex—such as surface piercing and micro-dermal implants. The piercing professionals on our staff are highly experienced and inspire confidence by deftly performing each procedure with minimal discomfort to the client in mind. We insist upon utilizing sterilized and pre-packaged needles, as opposed to a piercing gun in order to promote cleanliness and quicker healing.

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